Perma – what?

Some of you may have heard the word Permaculture thrown around and you may not be too sure what exactly it means. Well, since I just earned my Permaculture Design Certificate (wildly cheering crowds) – I can at least tell you what it means to me.

Permaculture is a framework in which to not only do earth care work (environmental justice) , but also people care (social/racial justice), while looking toward the future. It succinctly incorporates the things that I am passionate about with out forgetting the spiritual aspect nor the world as a whole and what it will look like for future generations. A more detailed description of Permaculture Design Principles can be found here.

Ok, Ok – so what does that mean practically? Composting toilets of course! And socobb bench much more: from sustainable forest management to water catchment, alternative power, animal systems, natural building, gardening/farming and using local resources – all while looking at our impact on our environments and people. I don’t think there was anything we did not touch on.

It was a life changing experience. What I learned affirmed to me that I am on the right path. Further, it taught me how to better integrate various systems and, it showed me how little I know.  Excited? Yes – there is so much to learn

The program I participated in is called Earth Activist Training (EAT) and future courses can be found at their website.  For a more detailed version of our training visit one of my course mates blog: The Life and Times of Ice.

Permies working hard


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