Perma – what?

Some of you may have heard the word Permaculture thrown around and you may not be too sure what exactly it means. Well, since I just earned my Permaculture Design Certificate (wildly cheering crowds) – I can at least tell you what it means to me. Permaculture is a framework in which to not only do … More Perma – what?

I am not a hoarder!

I am not a hoarder – really, I’m not! I’m a saver, a re-user. Right, right – isn’t that what ever hoarder says? This is a touchy subject for me – especially lately as I’ve been on a de-cluttering kick. I’ve been constantly letting my family members know that I can’t stand the amount of … More I am not a hoarder!

The Turkey Quandary

What kind of turkey should I buy this year? Last year my family volunteered to bring the turkey to the extended family dinner. We are not vegetarians, but when I buy meat of any kind for my family – I want to know that it is “happy” meat. To me, “happy” meat means that the animal … More The Turkey Quandary